Die Gründerfamilie des Tannerhofes Christian und Barbara v. Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Die 2. Familiengeneration am Tannerhof Johannes und Ursula von Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Die 3. Familiengeneration am Tannerhof Malte und Andrea v. Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Drei Familiengenerationen von Mengershausen auf einem Bild | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der ganz historische Tannerhof | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Gymnastik in der Melkstatt bayrischzell ca. 1937 | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Gymnastik in den 50er Jahren am Tannerhof | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Wie am Zauberberg....| Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der neubau des badehauses in den 60er Jahren | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort

History of the Tannerhof

The Tannerhof was founded in 1904 by Christian von Mengershausen and his wife Barbara after they had bought the beautiful rural property dating back to the 16th century. The closeby mountain village of Bayrischzell at that time still lay in a deep slumber. Christian was convinced that this remote part of the world would be the ideal place to start off on his project of establishing a sanatorium for physical and dietary therapy, and putting into practice the popular back-to-nature movement.
Very soon he built the 'Neue Tann' neighbouring the old farmhouse 'Alte Tann'. Before long the cottages followed, loosely spread across the mountainside making it possible to live in close touch with nature, the changes of season, light, air, and weathers.
As soon as 1905 the Tannerhof opened its doors to guests for the very first time.

So far four generations have remained true to the founders approach of a healthy way of life though each generation has introduced new aspects and new buildings to the Tannerhof. The holistic, ecological and organic idea behind it all was lived by conviction trough all generations long before it became state of the art in our days.

A footprint by each generation

After World War II Johannes and Ursel von Mengershausen built an annex to the Alte Tann under high monetary risk. These new quarters were also financed by Tannerhof guests. This generation also constructed the Bathhouse in the sixties, and introduced autogenic training to everyday Tannerhof life which is still part of our weekly programme today. Johannes‘ three pillars of a healthy life were exercise, relaxation and above all healthy food – actually, I still remember a lesson of his on nutrition in primary school…

The third generation of doctors, Malte and Andrea von Mengershausen, focussed on more comfort. The shared baths were disused and the small rooms were 'upvalued' by tiny ensuite bathrooms – some of these sweet rooms still exist and are loved for their special charme in being compact, functional and cosy. An indoor pool was built as well as the Baumallee rooms above it.
Holistic medicine and psychological aspects such as conversational therapy were added to the range of Tannerhof treatments. Also the cuisine became more and more sophisticated.

In 2011, after 105 years of sanatorium history huge tasks lay ahead of us, the fourth generation. A far-reaching content-related and constructional re-orientation had become necessary when my husband Roger Brandes and I rose to the challenge of fundraising for this demanding project. Luckily, as once before in the Tannerhof history, guests and friends helped in financing the 'new' Tannerhof, but also the Bavarian Government subsidized the project. Without these two pillars turning the pages towards a new Tannerhof chapter would not have been possible. Lucky again, we found the perfect architect for our enterprise in Florian Nagler who enthusiastically planned the reconstruction with us for over three years.

In only 9 months the Tannerhof transformed itself from a sanatorium into a Nature Hotel and Health Resort.