Malen im Urlaub, Lust an Farben und Formen im Naturhotel Tannerhof Bayrischzell

Be creative!

Feel free to try out whatever you can think of

Taking time in your holidays for your innermost creativity can be an eye-opener not only in a visual sense. What lies within you is widely facetted, and you might want to bring it to life within the secluded space of our artist's workroom - either by yourself or by booking a lesson with artist and art therapist Nele von Mengershausen. Exiting insights may be discussed afterwards, and some pieces of artwork have even found their way onto Tannerhof walls.
Bookable either as a stimulating afternoon for several guests once a week (3 hours, 25 Euro incl. material) or as a private lesson. Moreover, it is possible to book the studio just for yourself - thus you can totally lose yourself in pure creativeness.