Fasting is not a diet

Gain more vitality with therapeutic fasting

What does fasting do with us? What influence on bodily processes and our soul does it have? Tradtionally we know the religious fast. But in the past century the famous inventor of therapeutic fasting, Dr. Otto Buchinger made it popular for health reasons. Almost forced to lay down his profession due to rheumatic illness he learned that a fasting cure healed him thoroughly. It is the same cure we practice today with teas, mineral water, vegetable broth, fruit or vegetable juices. But not only does fasting cure rheumatic complaints. Nowadays it can be the perfect key to balancing „too much“ on the one hand and „too little“ on the other.

Enough of too much

Too much fat, too much meat, too much stress. Moreso, we have a media overload versus lack of exercise, lack of relaxation, lack of healthy food. All these circumstances may lead to the so-called metabolic syndrom which shows in weight gain, high blood pressure, a high cholesterol level, your sugar metabolism gone beserk, and a high uric acid level. Diets seldom get to the core of it. Mostly, physicians will treat symptoms not humans. The consequences such as a heart attack, a stroke, or chronic diabetes thus may often only be delayed instead of being treated at the roots. Ironically, some tablets for lowering a high sugar level even favour weight gain which will probably lead to a further diet, and so on.

Therapeutic fasting, however, is a causal therapy going much further than an ordinary diet. In foregoing solid food the digestiv system will be out of service for a while which explains why hardly anybody feels hungry during fast.

Improving insulin resistance

Taking in less salt allows the body to rid itself of long stored water amounts, this meaning a further relief to the whole circulation. In resisting sugar the damaged metabolism may soon recover. Every lost kilo not only reduces weight but also the so-called insulin resistance which is again responsible for adult-onset diabetes. During fast also the cholesterol level sinks due to evading fat. You are well advised to exercise during a fasting cure which will get your „good cholesterol“ going. The fat metabolism will thus be improved dramatically.

Learning to eat sensibly again

The careful nutrition build up after fasting is your ticket to a positive change in your eating habits. In a way you learn eating anew, and you will understand more than ever what damage is done by eating hastily or without really being hungry, not to mention the office style: quickly devouring a sandwich while keeping your eyes stuck to the screen. Consider a substantiated nutrition counselling which will give you many worthwhile pieces of advice on how to properly feed yourself. Eating healthily does not mean banishment from all culinary delights! Quite the contrary – healthy food is always varied, is always fun, and will always provide you with more energy than the fast food you might have been eating so far.

Try getting away from home for your fasting cure. Pick somewhere with beautiful surroundings – nature will be experienced more intensely.

However, your first fasting cure should be watched over by an experienced physisian. Moreover, you will benefit from the health-related programme in a hotel or clinic specialized on fasting cures. During fast you should clearly focus on exercise. Hiking, nordic walking or biking would be ideal sports.

Feeding your soul

The retreat into yourself is essential during fast, and meditation or autogenous training may be regarded as a therapy in this case. It is all a matter of how to cope with daily stress. Additionally, Kneipp therapy boosts circulation, strengthens the immune system and brings energy for the day. Warm Fangos loosen painful muscle tensions, and a hay wrap will fortify liver metabolism. Joint and back pain can be eased noticeably by massage or physiotherapy.

Many more illnesses such as allergies, autoimmune disorders, food allergies or even migrane are likely to get better by fasting. Here are some examples:

Metabolic disorders

  • Obesity
  • Metabolic Syndrom
  • Diatbetes Mellitus II
  • Fat metabolism disorders such as high cholesterol level

Cardiovascular disorders

  • High blood pressure
  • Vascular calcification
  • Rheumatic disorders
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Soft Tissue Rheumatism
  • Joint Arthrosis

Digestive System disorders

  • Constipation
  • Pancreas and Liver Disorders
  • Allergies and Food Allergies

Fasting cures are recommendable also for healthy persons

For instance when trying to loose weight and consequently change your nutrition to wholefood. Or in order to strengthen the immune system. But also when in need of recovery or relaxation due to stress. Fasting cures help to concentrate on oneself, and on the „bare necessities of life“ again.


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The Buchinger
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Buchinger fasting cure
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