FAsting and detox

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Fasting does not mean constantly being hungry! You will experience an unknown freedom in the independance from solid food. Fasting will see you immerse into stillness listening more and more to your innermost happenings, and focus on the essentials.  In Buchinger’s opinion, the most important factor is to have the right attitude when doing a fasting cure. The success of it all is strongly tied to the individual’s willpower, honesty, and positive attitude. Call it fasting or detoxing – the Tannerhof is by now looking back on over 60 years of expertise in this well-tried curing method.

The Buchinger fasting cure – a longstanding detox method

A fasting cure means in effect the deliberate abstinence from solid foods, drinks and tobacco for a certain period of time. The Buchinger fasting cure will have you drinking plenty of herbal teas, water, freshly squeezed fruit juices, and vegetable broth. Both exercise and relaxation in addition to detoxifying or Kneipp therapies, and massages leads fasting to be both a philosophy in terms of deliberate resetting in times of abuncance, as well as in terms of a holistic therapy. You will rid yourself of toxins and everything superfluous additionally to feeling lighter, and clear minded. You will possibly experience much creativity and inspiration. Fasting boosts your body’s defences, and alleviates allergies, high blood pressure, migraine, adult-onset diabetes, dyslipidemia, skin complaints or rheumatism. Additionally a fasting cure can be a sensible beginning to a dietary change.

A fasting cure at the Tannerhof will always include medical surveillance, and is therefore part of your online booking price.


The Buchinger fasting cure
10 days

Buchinger fasting cure
14 days