Mit Lowcarb Diät im Hotel intelligent abnehmen. Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort

The low carb diet Schlanke Tanne

Loose weight with your hotel luxury low carb diet

For all those wishing to do something really sensible in their holidays like loosing weight whilst enjoying all the luxury of a lovely hotel might be well advised to book the Schlanke Tanne diet. This intelligent low carb nutrition will have you happy and weighing less permanently. Learn how at Tannerhof.

The Schlanke Tanne Principle

Reducing carbohydrates – sugar and starch – is the basis to this intelligent diet. By taking in carbohydrates with a lower glycemic index we avoid high insulin release (which favours fat storage and triggers appetite more quickly). Low carb nutrition keeps you fed and happy for a longer while.

The higher share of high grade proteins also makes saturation last longer and stimulates fat burning. On top, the higher protein level prevents the body from catabolising muscles. The muscular system is a motor which under no circumstances should be throttled.

This diet provides plenty of vegetable, fruit and herbs. Their secundary plant substances show a lower energy density. Thus you can never eat too much of these super supporters of the immune system.

Take pleasure in eating

The Schlanke Tanne diet consists of several levels differing in their carbohydrates and fat shares. Be it the fatburning 'Schlanke Tanne I' which even omits fruits , or the intelligent 'Schlanke Tanne II' with all that provides full culinary delights. A long lasting change towards intelligent nutrition can only be as successful as the joy it brings. The Schlanke Tanne diet is thus not a diet in terms of quick weight loss, but a diet based on a sensible and persisting change of nutrition habits.

Learn more about your nutrition

We recommend medical supervision whilst dieting with the Schlanke Tanne, just to ensure your nutrition adjustment goes smoothly. Burgi v. Mengershausen as a nutrition consultant regularly lectures  on how healthy eating can work at home. You are welcome to book a personal consultation in which she will work out a dietary plan for your home cooking which will help you get rid of bad habits for good.

low carb
Schlanke Tanne
10 days

Low carb
Schlanke Tanne
7 days

Low carb
Schlanke Tanne
14 days

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