Fasting - do it right

Facts for fasting

Your step by step guide to a successful fasting holiday at The Tannerhof

Preparation: Besides the mental approach we suggest one to three relief days before starting your fasting cure. Eating only potatoes or raw fruit and vegetables will leave only plant based food residue in your colon.

Beginning the fasting cure: On the first day you will be given 40g Glaubersalz in order to cleanse your bowel. If this happens thoroughly you will have much less sense of hunger, and the easier you will begin fasting. It is important to drink more water or tea on this day in order to compensate fluid loss.
We will bring a herbal tea to your room on this and all following mornings (only guests from Chalet Towers and Cottages will come to the dining room for their tea). A light vegetable soup will be served at lunchtime and a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice in the evening, alternatively also buttermilk. Meals are served in the fasting room only.

Medical consultation is sensible and necessary if your fasting cure is to be a good experience. Not everybody is fit for fasting. Some laboratory values should be looked at beforehand. If you are on long-term medication this also should be discussed.

Daily amount of fluid: we ask you to drink as much tea or mineral water (with or without gas) as you can, and suggest 3 litres on top of the soup and juice at lunch and dinner time. You may make everyhing tastier by adding lemon or drinking hot ginger water which will warm you from inside. Taking in lots of fluid will prevent circulatory problems and support the kidneys which are the most important excretory organ besides the liver and the skin.

The „oh-oh“ day: The second or third day into your fasting cure might have you down with low blood sugar, weakness, shivering, slight nausea or headache. A strong green tea with honey will quickly help you out of this condition. From now on there shouldn’t be a great problem anymore.

Hay wraps are a wonderful addition to your fasting cure in supporting your liver function. It is possible to ask for one in your room before coming down for the soup – you probably haven’t ever had a better nap.

Colon cleansing: We will give you colon cleansing three times a week in order to prevent a possible re-poisoning by bile acid. You may have the milder bitter salt instead.

Basic powder: While fasting, your body will collect more metabolic products which may be balanced by basic powder. Many find this very soothing. Besides, it prevents uric acid crystals.

Excercise: Moderate excercise is very important during fast. The higher breathing frequency assists ridding oneself of the acid metabolic products. You will be much better off in your fasting cure when exercising, and might be quite surprised at your fitness.

Accompanying treatments: Our Arrangements consist of enhancing treatments such as Kneipp therapy for better circulation or Thalasso baths for material exchange. Lymph drainage will stimulate detoxification and reflexology will boost blood circulation in the kidneys. Sauna and invigorating brushing strengthens the skin. Of course we will be happy to plan your individual package with you.

Your soul: Many guests tell us about their fasting euphoria. This is quite common and caused by a slower serotonine reduction while fasting. You will probably also have a light sleep – cherish this time, and treat yourself to good books, music or enjoy the rising tranquility within you – it might be the time for striking a personal balance.

Duration: Depending on how much time you have to spare we suggest 10 days for beginners (7 days fast, 2-3 building-up days). The 7 days fasting progamme is rather meant for those experienced with fasting cures – they will probably carry on fasting at home or plan their building-up days for after departure. In view of health matters we recommend a stay of at least 10 to 14 days.

Breaking fast and building up: The apple on the day you break fast symbolises the act of actually chewing again. This is the most important message for your system. Try chewing every bite at least 30 to 40 times – slow eating is the most important step you can take when heading for sensible nutrition.
The building-up period should take up at least a third of the whole fasting period, and will get your stomach used to solid food again step by step. You will be surprised at the intense taste of everything.
And then what? If you are aiming for a long-lasting change of nutrition we highly recommend you plan some more time off when returning home. You should try cooking the Schlanke Tanne low carb diet – we also offer individual consultation on a personal dietary plan, this will be of great advantage when returning to your everyday life.


slow down
14 days

The Buchinger fasting cure
10 days

Fasting Cure
21 days