Packs & Body Wraps

Aegyptos wrap

Ready to get rid of all the waste? We will cover you in bandages soaked in clay, salts and minerals from the Dead Sea. Wrapped like a mummy your body will be ridded of all the toxins and subcutanous fluids. Your skin will be left rejuvenated, and even cellulite and stretch marks can be visibly reduced.
Duration: 120 Mins; Price:  € 150,00
Price for pack of three: € 400,00


Warm mud packs like fango relax the muscles and stimulate skin circulation. Applied on the aching part of the body, particularly tense shoulders and neck or the lower back, these packs bring great relief. Duration: 20 minutes.
Fango 1 part: Price  € 15,00
Fango multi-part: Price € 30,00

Mud packs

Valuable humic acid from the moors and over ten different minerals brought together in these packs have a regulating effect on hormones on top of acting antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. The mud‘s thermic characteristics have a relaxing, warming and loosening effect. Duration: 20 minutes.
Mud pack small: € 15,00
Mud pack medium: € 25,00
Mud pack large: € 40,00

Hay wraps

During fast the hay wrap is very popular due to its stimulating properties regarding blood circulation and liver metabolism. The soft hay cushion produces its sweet fragrance when heated and should be left on the abdomen for about 20 minutes. This ‚morphine‘ of naturopathy has an antispasmodic and soothing effect on the inner organs.
Duration: 20 Mins; Price:  € 18,00

Aroma body wrap

Various aroma oils, herbal extracts or mud, even quark and healing earth make great contents for body wraps – an old household remedy revived.
Duration: 20 Mins; Price:  € 30,00



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