Roger Brandes, Internist im Gesundheitsresort Tannerhof

Medical Office

Why see a doctor in your holidays?

Well, maybe because there’s never enough time in everyday life. You have plenty of time here. Time for a relaxed check up in a relaxed atmosphere with relaxed physicians.

In good tradition Burgi & Roger continue with what began in 1904 with founder and holistic doctor Christian von Mengershausen. Specialist general practitioner and naturopath Burgi von Mengershausen, and specialist for internal medicine Roger Brandes might be eye openers about what a medical consultation can be like. They will listen intently. They will ask profoundly. They will talk with you, not about you. And they will find good ways of therapy for you.

Many a question is already the answer

Profound questions will lead to your clear answers. When asked about how content you are with your life, and what could be changed in order to be healthier, happier and more balanced, you will probably know the answer. Do you want to loose weight or change your eating habits? Are you tired and overworked? Overburdened in your job or private life? Are your batteries low? Do you care for a profound check-up which will give clearness on your physical condition? Are you already suffering from high blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders or diabetis? Are your joints hurting or are allergies bothering you?

Your answers to our questions will spotlight your goals and make it easy on us to develop a made-to-measure treatment programme for the duration of your stay.

Well cared for

Specialist for internal medicine, Roger Brandes, offers a broad spectrum of diagnoses i.e. ultrasound scans of vessels, abdomen and the heart. Also ergometry with lactate test, long-term blood pressure measurement, long-term ECG, and lung function tests. Also he is in charge of the energy boosting hypoxia therapy. Freed of time pressure you thus have the possibility for profound and consolidated medical checks in a non-medical atmosphere.
Burgi von Mengershausen’s emphasis lies on nutrition medicine. Supporting guests who choose to do a fasting cure is a matter of heart. She lectures on fasting and the low-carb diet Schlanke Tanne, and also offers personal nutrition counselling.

Moreover, we cooperate with the Academic Training Hospital of Agatharied offering gastrointestinal endoscopy, cardiac catheters, or a non-invasive examination of the coronary vessels and heart muscle as well as reknowned radiology services.

Fitness Check
10 days


Health Check
3 days