Relaxation and wellbeing

Namikoshi-Shiatsu and singing bowls

The combination of pressing the meridian points one after the other and of placing singing bowls on specific parts of the body has a deeply intensifying effect on relaxation of both body and mind. Self healing forces and the immune system will be strengthened. This treatment will leave you profoundly at peace.
Duration 50 mins; Price: € 78,00


This is a flowing, almost dancing full body treatment named after the Californian Esalen Institute. The therapy is characteristic for its long stroking movements interrupted by alternating mobilisation of joints, muscles and the deep tissue. Wonderfully relaxing.
Duration 80 mins; Price: € 125,00


Based on the Hawaiian temple rituals practised by the wise Kahunas and their combination of dance and body treatment, we wrap you in warm blankets and spoil you with a sumptous massage  with warm, fragrant oils. Indulge.
Duration 80 mins; Price: € 125,00

Abhyanga - Kalari massage

Ayhyanga is a classic ayurvedic full body massage with warm herbal oils, topped by us with a short forehead oil bath. Your energy points, the 'marmas', will be stimulated with long upwards and downwards stroking movements. This again will open up the 'srotas', little canals which drain the waste products. Abhyanga has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect.
Duration 80 mins; Price: € 125,00

Aroma massage

A soothing and profound full body massage whilst you relax in a warming bed, wrapped in heated towels. Choose your favourite fragranced oil, for instance the wonderful Joy-Oil with lavender.
Duration 50 mins; Price: € 78,00

Vegetative dynamics

This very special treatment deals with your vital energy flow. Skin, muscles and chords, vessels and nerve endings will be moved, tapped and stretched. Your soul will be profoundly at ease while your vegetative system is being deeply strengthened.
Duration 60 mins; Price: € 108,00



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