Beauty und Naturkosmetik am Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort in den bayrischen Bergen

wellness & natural cosmetics

Oh so beautiful!

We would like your freshly boosted inner beauty to shine brightly on the outside with the help of our natural cosmetics. Our certified organic cosmetics labels are: Pharmos Natur and Marias. The high quality oils, masks, ointments and lotions are a proper gift.

Body treatments

Peeling massage with alpine herbs and sesame oil

This fragrant mixture of aromatic herbs and firming sesame oil invigorates and nourishes the skin leaving it fresh and smooth. The invigourating massage will take away deposits and is especially suitable during fast or for our Schlanke Tanne guests.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €82,00

Honey massage – anywhere between ooooh and ouch!

An invigourating and detoxifying treatment beginning with a warm local massage. Followed by a very effective, bitter-sweet experience when our therapist applies honey, and loosens the hardened connective tissue with practised massage techniques.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €78,00

Purifying massage with „Königsöl“ – an ointment fit for Royals

This precious ointment with its more than 30 herbs and medicinal plants will first be gently massaged-in, and then taken off with a mild soap and flannel mitt. This will smoothly remove skin particles, and leave your skin silky and fresh. A wonderful match to a fasting cure.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €82,00

Intensive purifying massage

Even more detox! After an intensive honey massage of the back, the rest of the body will be massaged with a highly effective mixture of Königsöl and pure salt. This peeling will treat you to a vibrant feeling, and clear, clean, soft skin.
Duration:90 minutes. Price: €125,00

Facial treatments

Skin refining treatment

Analysis of the skin, cleansing, intensive peeling, massage of the face, neck and neckline OR manual cleansing, mask of choice, and completing treatment.
Duration:60 minutes. Price: €85,00

Sesamé – the natural facelift

The fresh aloe plant and cold pressed black sesame seed oil have a firming and mineralising effect on the skin. Skin analysis, cleansing, eyebrow correction, and a lifting mask from fresh aloe plant and sesame seeds. Relaxing arm, shoulder and neckline massage with completing treatment.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €110,00

Roseléne. The luxury treatment for your skin

Skin analysis, cleansing, intensive peeling, manual cleansing, eyebrow correction. Face arm, shoulder and neckline massage with completing treatment.
Duration:90 minutes. Price: €125,00

Hello handsome!

His beautiful back

Thorough cleansing and cooling peeling with nourishing substances, calming massage or mud pack. For him.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €82,00

Little beauty boosters (additional to your treatments)

Eyelash tinting €15,00
Eyebrow tinting €10,00
Eyelash & Eyebrow tinting €20,00
Eyebrow correction €10,00
Waxing upper lip €15,00

Beautiful hands and feet


Nail clipping, forming and polishing, intensive hand massage. Nail skin removal optional.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €65,00


Prepratory foot soak, nail clipping and filing, foot treatment and massage.
Duration:50 minutes. Price: €65,00


She's a beauty

Just for me