Kneipp Therapy

Discover water as a healing element. Cold or warm or both – the temperature change works miracles. Simple but effective as it is, we could imagine you won’t want to live Kneipp-less once you’ve got to know what good it can do.

Kneipp – hot and cold casts

The essence of the Kneipp hydrotherapy. Simple but brilliant! Alternating hot and cold casts have an invigorating, refreshing effect. They reinforce vessel regulation and the immune system. Starting off slowly we move up just above your knee.
Duration: 10 minutes, full body: € 13,00

Detox bath

Whilst immersing in a hot bath with wonderfully detoxifying magnesium chloride you will feel complete relaxation.Your body can absorbe magnesium chloride much better via the skin than orally. The magnesium chloride there acts like an opening lock - allowing toxines to flush out. Relaxing and purifying.
Duration: 15 minutes, part: € 30,00

Aroma baths

Depending on the chosen essence you will either be relaxed by melissa or invigorated by rosemary. Then again whey & oil will leave your skin nourished and velvety… Take your pick.
Duration: 15 minutes: € 23,00

& Body

Relax and
slow down
7 days