Massages and body treatments

Massage – the great classic

25 minutes for individual parts of the body focussing on your back for instance. Or 50 minutes for the whole body. By the way, a massage not only loosens your muscles but also positively affects the immune system and psyche.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 36,00
                   50 mins.; Price: € 66,00

Foot reflexology

The foot reflex zones mirror almost the whole body including the inner organs. Thus a reflexoloy is always a full body treatment.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 38,00

Manual lymphatic drainage

By gently stimulating  the lymph flow has a decongestant and calming effect, and alleviates migrane, arthritis and hematoma.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 38,00
                   50 mins.; Price: € 70,00

Azidosis massage

A strong and pinching massage dissolves sticky deposits from the connective tissue, and supports de-acifidation of the body.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 40,00
                   50 mins.; Price: € 74,00

Dr. Typaldos fasciae treatment

This is an effective method for relieving pain and disabilities of the musculoskeletal system. Strong spot-on pressure, stroking movements (which can be painful at times), and pulling the limbs will work on injuries of the connective tissue, so-called fasciae distorsions.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 40,00

Reflectory respiratory therapy – the full body massage following Dr. Schmitt

Respiration will be animated by intensive and occasionally painful stimuli given to the whole body. This therapy is indicated when treating respiratory illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis, but also has an integral effect.
Duration: 50 mins.; Price: € 78,00

Stomach massage

This treatment aims at lymphatic decongestion of the abdomen, normalisation of the bowel tonus, and stimulation of abdominal breathing. This not only alleviates digestive disorders but also when suffering from i.e. swollen legs, back pain, allergies and heartburn.
Duration: 25 mins.; Price: € 40,00

Trager Method

This gentle and integral physiotherapy aims at perfect relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness. Gentle stretching, rolling and cradling conveys the feeling of security, and encourages your subconsciousness to just let go.
Duration: 50 mins.; Price: € 78,00

Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral system is a fine pulse system of the brain and spinal fluid. The craniosacral therapy harmonises this system and dissolves the body’s existing blockades. The autonomic nervous system, hormones and immune defense will be fortified. Even tinnitus and sleeping disorders can be treated by this method.
Duration: 50 mins.; Price: € 78,00

Respiratory therapy following Herta Richter

This is a very gentle treatment stimulating your own respiration to unfold and follow its natural flow - guided smoothly by the hands of the therapist. Stress and pressure just dissolve into deep relaxation and wellbeing.
Duration: 50 mins.; Price: € 78,00

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