Motion treatments


In this single session our therapist will address your muscular and skeletel problems with specific manual techniques. Your body will be left well-balanced.
Duration:50 mins; Price: €78,00

Feldenkrais Method

This thoughtful therapy assists your natural ability to move graciously without superfluous physical effort. Subtle movement suggestions stimulate our nervous system and enable a new bodily awareness.
Duration:50 mins; Price: €78,00

Rolfing - structural integration

Malposition or relieving posture due to pain or tensions affects our unconscious body posture leading to chronic and persistent physical complaints. In a Rolfing session your structure and your way of moving will be analysed first, and then treated individually on this basis.
Duration: 80 mins; Price: € 145,00

Yoga individual session

By stimulating the individual dynamics of the human system Yoga aims at reducing bodily and emotional problems, reinforcing self-confidence, and modifying the inner attitude to the better.
Duration: 50 mins; Price: € 80,00

Personal Training - muscle building

Muscles are fatburners, they stimulate metabolic processes. Moreover, they stabilise our bone structure. Your personal trainer will analyse your strenghs and weaknesses, and will develop a custommade programme for your needs.
Duration: 25 mins; Price: € 38,00
                   50 mins; Price: € 70,00

Personal Training - Stamina

You want to pick up again on endurance sport, and get a good start to it: your personal trainer will accompany you on your first running or cycling rounds, will give you valuable tips in handling your pulse, and will show you appropriate stretching exercises. We advise booking a preceding muscle building session.
Duration: 50 mins; Price: € 70,00


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