Health resort

My retreat, my health resort, my Tannerhof

The Tannerhof may be the perfect place to live both these words: retreat and resort. Re-sort yourself, and retreat into yourself.  This is why we call this hotel a health resort – you will find it healing to intensely engage yourself with what lies within you.

For all of you wishing to heal body and soul during your stay at the Tannerhof your hosts and doctors by profession Burgi von Mengershausen and Roger Brandes will give guidance. For instance in showing all the miracles that lie in a fasting cure. Or in preventing you from falling into a burnout – or by helping you out of one. Maybe you will want to ask them for a proper health or fitness check. On top, you will find in them the ideal partners for changing your nutrition habits or by boosting your immune system with Kneipp.

Just relax…

Feel free to just relax. Wellness as a term is terribly worn-out, and the Tannerhof has never been anything near a so-called wellness or spa temple. Throughout the many decades profound healing stood in the foreground. Thus you will of course find the massages and beauty treatments you are longing for, but they will be performed with the high therapeutic claim the Tannerhof is known for. Our therapists will deeply acknowledge your individual needs or condition and treat you with all their professionality and sensitivity. This we are proud of, and of our team, many of which have grown with us over the years regarding expertise, training and empathy.


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