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Doctors' Office


Why confront yourself with health matters in your holidays? Or even see a doctor? Well, maybe because there’s never enough time for that in the daily grind. Here, at the Tannerhof there is time. Time for a relaxed check up in a relaxed atmosphere with relaxed physicians.

Health without a dogma

In good tradition, the fourth Tannerhof generation continues what began with founder and holistic practitioner Christian von Mengershausen in 1904. Come meet specialist general practitioner and naturopath, Burgi von Mengershausen, and specialist for internal medicine, Roger Brandes. Both provide and continue the substantial knowledge of integrative medicine and naturopathy at the Tannerhof.

A consultation as it should be

Could be this is a whole new experience. A proper exchange between you and a doctor who listens intently, asks profoundly and talks with you, not about you.
Thus, goals and wants become clear for diagnosis and treatment possibilities during your Tannerhof sojourn.


Roger Brandes, offers a broad ultrasound scan diagnostic spectrum for vessels, abdomen, thyroid and the heart as well as Endurance Ergometry including performance diagnostics and a training plan (Aeroscan®), long-term blood pressure control, long-term ECG and lung function tests.

Burgi von Mengershausen’s emphasis lies on nutrition medicine. Supporting guests who choose to do a fasting cure is a matter of heart. She lectures on fasting and the low-carb diet 'Schlanke Tanne', and also offers personal nutrition counselling.

Here at the Tannerhof we welcome you to profound and consolidated medical checks in a non-medical atmosphere, with lots of time and within a short walk from your room.

One for all

Moreover, we cooperate with the Academic Training Hospital of nearby Agatharied offering gastrointestinal endoscopy, cardiac catheters, or non-invasive examination of the coronary vessels and heart muscle. The hospital’s high quality radiology services are known for.