Wellness = to feel well. A whole new perception of your own body can be a moving experience. We offer a unique set of treatments and provide the exceptional quality of our therapeutical team which has grown with us over the years in terms of competence, empathy and expertise. That, indeed, is a treat!


Water Therapies


Have a good soak with your chosen essence: relaxing melissa, invigorating rosemary or skin nourishing whey & oil.

20 minutes 38 €

Detox bath

Salt soaks have an osmotic quality and support detoxification via the skin, leaving it cleansed and velvety but also soothing rheumatic symtoms, sore muscles or a predisposition to cramps.

20 minutes 38 €


The essence of Father Sebastian Kneipp‘s hydrotherapy. It is as simple as it is brilliant! Alternating hot and cold casts have an invigorating, refreshing effect. They reinforce vessel regulation and boost the immune system. Starting off slowly we move up just above your knee.

10 minutes 18 €

Packs + wraps

AROMA body wraps

Various aroma oils and herbal extracts make great contents for body wraps – an old household remedy revived.

25 minutes 42 €

FANGO packs

Warm mud packs like fango relax the muscles and stimulate skin circulation. Applied on the aching part of the body, particularly the tense shoulders and neck or the lower back, these packs bring great relief. Duration: 20 minutes.

20 minutes 1 pack 18 € | multi-pack 35 €

Hay blossom pack

During fasting the hay blossom pack is very popular thanks to its stimulating properties regarding blood circulation and liver metabolism. The soft hay cushion produces its sweet fragrance when heated and should be left on the abdomen for about 20 minutes. The naturopathic 'morphine' has an antispasmodic and soothing effect on the inner organs.

20 minutes 22 €

Mud packs

Valuable humic acid and over ten different minerals have hormone-regulating, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying characteristics. The mud‘s thermic characteristics have a relaxing, warming and loosening effect.

20 minutes small 15 € | medium 25 € | large 40 €

massages + body treatments

Acidosis massage

A strong and pinching massage dissolves sticky deposits from the connective tissue and supports de-acifidation of the body.

50 minutes 102 €

Craniosacral therapy

The craniosacral system is a fine pulse system of the brain and spinal fluid. The craniosacral therapy harmonises this system and dissolves any existing blockages. The autonomic nervous system, hormones and immune defense will be strengthened and even tinnitus and sleeping disorders can be treated by this method.

50 minutes 108 €

Dr. Typaldos fasciae treatment

This is an effective method for relieving pain and disabilities of the musculoskeletal system. Strong spot-on pressure, stroking movements (which can be painful at times), and stretching the limbs will work on injuries of the connective tissue, so-called fasciae distorsions.

50 minutes 102 €


In this massage, you can have various massage techniques that are suitable for fasting combined: abdominal massage, head lymphatic drainage, foot reflex zone massage, back massage.

50 Min. 96 €


An invigorating and detoxifying treatment. After a relaxing warming-up massage our therapist will skillfully work on the connective tissue which can be slightly painful – a bittersweet experience with great impact.

50 minutes 108 €

Manual lymphatic drainage

Gently stimulating the lymph flow has a decongestant and calming effect and also eases migrane, arthritis and hematoma.

50 minutes 96 €

Massage – the great classic

A massage not only loosens your muscles but also positively affects the immune system and psyche for the entire body.

50 minutes 96 €

Reflectory respiratory therapy following Dr. Schmitt

A full body massage animating respiration by intensive and occasionally painful stimuli. Especially effective for treating respiratory illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis with an integral healing effect.

50 minutes 108 €


The foot reflex zones mirror almost the whole body including the inner organs. Thus a reflexoloy is always a full body treatment.

50 minutes 96 €

Respiratory therapy following Herta Richter

Guided smoothly by the hands of the therapist this very gentle treatment stimulates your own respiration to unfold and flow naturally. Any stress or pressure just dissolves into profound relaxation and wellbeing.

50 minutes 108 €


This gentle integral physiotherapy aims at perfect relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness. Gentle stretching, rolling and cradling conveys the feeling of security, and encourages your subconsciousness to just let go.

50 minutes 108 €

Beauty + cosmetics

Detox massage with ‘Kings Oil’

An intensive massage with the precious 'King’s Oil' (an ointment consisting of over 30 herbs and medicinal plants) which boosts skin metabolism and leaves it silky and fresh. A wonderful match to a fasting cure. Products by our favourite organic cosmetics labels MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

50 minutes 108 €

Facial wellness and skin refining treatment

Analysis of the skin, cleansing, intensive peeling, massage of the face, neck and neckline OR manual cleansing, face pack of choice and completing treatment. Products by our favourite organic cosmetics labels MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

50 minutes 102 €

His handsome back

Thorough cleansing and cooling peeling with nourishing substances, calming massage or mud pack. Using products by our favourite organic cosmetics labels MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

50 minutes 108 €

Intensive purifying treatment

Beginning with an intensive honey massage of the back the rest of the body is then treated with a highly effective mixture of the precious ‚King’s Oil‘ (an ointment consisting of 30 herbs and medicinal plants) and pure rock salt. This peeling massage will treat you to an invigourating, vibrant feeling leaving your skin clear, purified and soft. Products by MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

80 minutes 160 €


Nail clipping, forming and polishing, intensive hand massage. Optional cuticle removal.

50 minutes 82 €


Prepratory foot soak, clipping and nailcare, cuticle treatment and foot massage.

50 minutes 82 €

Peeling massage with alpine herbs and sesame oil

This fragrant mixture of aromatic herbs and firming sesame oil invigorates and nourishes the skin leaving it fresh and smooth. The energizing massage intensifies blood circulation and removes skin debris. Especially suitable whilst fasting and low carb dieting.

50 minutes 108 €

Roseléne. The luxury facial treatment

Roselène will leave you radiating relaxation and rejuvenation: Enjoy thorough skin analysis, cleansing, intensive peeling, manual cleansing, eyebrow correction and then relax into a face, neck and neckline massage, special face pack, hand and arm massage and the completing treatment. Products by our favourite organic cosmetics labels MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

80 minutes 160 €

Sesamé – the natural facelift

The fresh aloe plant and cold pressed black sesame seed oil have a firming and mineralising effect on the skin. Skin analysis, cleansing, eyebrow correction, and a lifting face mask from fresh aloe plant and black sesame seeds. Relaxing arm, shoulder and neckline massage with completing treatment. Using products by our favourite organic cosmetics labels MARÌAS and Pharmos Natur.

80 minutes 160 €

Movement Treatments


This helpful therapy supports your natural ability to move graciously without superfluous physical effort. Subtle movement impulses stimulate our nervous system and enable a new bodily awareness.

50 minutes 108 €


A method for defining and treating musculoskeletal disorders on the bases of distinct manual and mobilisation techniques which ease the pain and remove motion complications.

50 minutes 108 €


Thinking of picking up again on endurance sports and how toget a good start to it? Here, your personal trainer will accompany you on your first running or cycling rounds, conduct you in handling your pulse, and show you appropriate stretching exercises. We advise booking a preceding Aeroscan® spiroergometry

50 minutes 108 €

PERSONAL TRAINING – Muscle building

Muscles are fatburners and stimulate metabolic processes. Moreover, they stabilise our skeletal structure. Your personal trainer will analyse your strenghs and weaknesses and develop a custommade programme for your individual training needs.

50 minutes 108 €


In this single session our therapist will address your muscular and skeletel problems with specific manual techniques leaving your body well-balanced.

50 minutes 108 €


Malposition or relieving posture due to pain or tensions affects our unconscious posture leading to chronic and persistent physical complaints. In a Rolfing session your structure and your way of moving will be analysed first, and then treated individually on this basis.

80 minutes 175 €

YOGA private session

By stimulating individual dynamics of the human system Yoga aims at reducing bodily and emotional problems, reinforcing self-confidence and modifying the inner attitude to the better.

50 minutes 120 €



Ayhyanga is a classic ayurvedic full body massage with warm herbal oils topped with a short forehead oil bath. The 'marmas', your energy points will be stimulated thus opening the 'srota channels' which transport our waste products. Abhyanga has a cleansing and rejuvenating effect.

80 minutes 160 €


A soothing and profound full body massage whilst you relax in a warming bed, wrapped in heated towels and the scent of a favourite fragrance like the wonderful Lavender Joy-Oil.

50 minutes 102 €


Immerse yourself with the wellness relaxation massage

50 Minuten 96 €


This is a flowing, deeply relaxing full body treatment named after the Californian Esalen Institute. The therapy is characteristic for its long stroking movements interrupted by alternating mobilisation of joints, muscles and the deep tissue.

80 minutes 160 €


Based on the Hawaiian Temple rituals practised by the wise Kahunas and their combination of dance and body treatment, we wrap you in warm blankets and spoil you with a sumptous massage using warm fragrant oils and long stroking movements.

80 minutes 160 €

NAMIKOSHI-SHIATSU & Singing Bowls Massage

The perfect combination of two treatment methods: Shiatsu (the relaxing effect of pressing the meridian points one by one) plus the intensifying vibration of singing bowls have a deeply relaxing effect on both body and mind strengthening self healing forces and the immune system. This treatment will leave you profoundly at peace.

50 minutes 108 €


Aeroscan® Spiroergometry

Your first step to an individual training plan. Similar to the electrocardiogram, complemented by measuring your breath gases – therewith gathering indications of your endurance and training pattern. Aeroscan® also figures out at which training level your body burns energy and carbohydrates in which proportion, and how high your energy requirement and efficiency is.

30 Min. 214 €

Bodyfat measurement

This measurement will show your body’s composition of parts water, muscles and fat. Especially when fasting or low carb dieting a before-and-after diagram is an eye-opener to what processes in your body took place in terms of weight reduction.

5 min. 19 €

Diagnostic Findings consultation

Findings of diagnoses or therapies conducted here at the Tannerhof will be discussed and possibly combined with a symptom-based health check.

30 min. 87 €


Extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a noninvasive approach to treating painful Calcific Tendonitis, heel spur, tendon calcification, tennis, mouse or golfer’s elbow.

87 €

Health check and consultation

A full length appointment that allows plenty of time to talk over your health matters and goals taking into account your habits and customs. Combined with a physical examination this will suggest the further diagnosis and/or treatment approach.

40 min. 128 €

High Dosis Intravenous Vitamin & Nutrient Infusion

60 €

Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (altitude training)

Intermittent hypobaric, hyperbaric therapy. Health training to improve physical and mental fitness. The alternating inhalation of hypobaric and hyperbaric oxygen promotes the regeneration of mitochondria, the powerhouses of cellular metabolism. This strengthens the immune system, improves stress resistance, protects against oxidative stress and activates fat metabolism.

89 €

Long-term blood pressure control and sleep screening

Spiroergometry allows us to create a training plan tailored to your needs. The procedure is similar to an exercise ECG on an ergometer. We also measure your respiratory gases, which gives us information about your individual endurance and competition range. Spiroergometry also determines at what training intensity your body burns carbohydrates and fats and in what proportion, and what your energy requirements/consumption are. The service includes testing, analysis and the creation of a training plan.

214 €

Ozone Blood Therapy

An immune stimulating method when dealing with fatigue, susceptibility to infection, hyperacidity, circulatory disorders, or arthritis. Ideally followed by a high dosis Intravenous Vitamin & Nutrient Infusion and/or a Procain-Base-Infusion.

76 €


After analysing your current eating habits we will discuss what is workable for you in every day life so that you can meet your nutritional goal with relish and satisfaction. We deliberately refrain from setting up a dietary plan for one reason: only you can change your habits – with the helpful knowledge instead of a roadmap.

45 min 131 €

Standard blood screening

The standard lab test includes a large blood screening with ESR [erythrodyte sedimentation rate], CRP [inflammation marker], Prothrombin time, Hepatic Profile, Kidney Function Profile, Muscle Enzyme check, salts, iron stores, blood sugar level, long-term blood sugar, cholesterol, Protein Electrophoresis, and PSA for men. Naturally, further analyses are available at extra charge.

230 €


Art Therapy

Emotional blockages or trauma that often cannot be expressed by speech may more easily find their way into expression via painting. Once having been vented they can be distinguished and re-integrated with the gentle support of therapeutic supervision. Art Therapy mobilizes the self healing forces deep within us and leads to new self-confidence. No talent or knowledge needed. [Nele von Mengershausen]

80 minutes 160 €


In the professional context, power games are often in the foreground. They are commonplace and often unavoidable whenever people meet. These power games take place verbally, but even more often non-verbally. Due to my many years of experience as a manager with significant personnel responsibility, I have a wealth of experience in dealing with various and specific professional challenges. With the help of my competencies in the area of "Profit by Difference" according to Dr. Modler, I help my clients to achieve more success and assertiveness. Petra Reindl

approx. 60 minutes 170€

approx. 90 minutes 250 €


Nature Coaching provides space for natural life development processes. We set ourselves in motion and go out into nature to leave our familiar surroundings and encounter our own vitality in a new way. Nature Coaching accompanies the mental development process and we go on a journey to discover what is important. The focus is on the unconditional interest in accompanying your process towards your own nature. Birgit Holzwarth, Alternative Practitioner, Mental Trainer, Coach Nature coaching leaves room for natural processes to unfold in life.

60 minutes 130 €


Imagine: What if your problem is actually your greatest opportunity for personal growth? Treat yourself to a new perspective and more clarity in decision-making! And get back in touch on the way with what is really important: Your almost forgotten dreams & heart's desires. With methods from positive psychology, neuroscience, sports psychology and systemic therapy, we bring back the lightness into your life. Trixi Wolfseher, Psychologist

approx. 60 minutes 190 €

approx. 90 minutes 280 €

All prices including VAT. Subject to alterations.

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