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Moritz Wagner

Moritz was raised in Schliersee and grew up breathing restaurant life in his parents‘ place on the banks of lake Schliersee. He soon learnt what made guests shine with delight over a lovely meal and decided to be a cook himself. Moritz trained at the Alpenhof and with us at the Tannerhof. After finishing he spent a short while away at Schloss Elmau Hotel and returned to our kitchen, soon becoming Sous Chef. As such he then worked at Hotel Armona in neighbouring Thiersee. Now – hurray – he is back at the Tannerhof as Chef de Cuisine. Moritz goal at the end of the day is as simple as it is sophisticated: to make his guests happy. And to be even that little bit better than the day before. His passion is to prepare a meal so that it is a delight for eyes and taste buds alike, acknowledging that the simplest meals can often be the best if only they have been cooked with love and respect for foods and natural ressources.

Sous Chef and Team

Eduard Bergmann

Born and raised in Styria, trained in the legendary Hotel Daniel in Graz 'Edi' made a stopover at the Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch in Frankfurt before joining the Arabella Sheraton Group for many years. He managed the F&B at the Arabella Sheraton Westpark in Munich before, thankfully, ending his career there for the sake of adding to the Tannerhofs genuity with his much loved Austrian charme and professionality. He has been through all ups and downs with us, repeatedly proving to be the perfect host for our guests and a colleague we wouldn't want to do without.

Vroni Waller

Vroni was raised in Bayrischzell and quite like Moritz grew up in her parents‘ restaurant – however, amidst ski slopes and hiking trails instead of lakeside: the Waller Alm, located on the Sudelfeld, is a magnet for mountain afficionados. Time and again we notice that Vroni simply has a different perception of 'busy' or 'problem'. Busy for us is chill for her. Close to heart attack for us is 'ok, speed up a little' for her. Vroni is our living OMM and our anchor when things get rough. In her best times she combined Tannerhof shifts with Waller Alm shifts. Hardcore even to imagine, no problem for Vroni. What would we do without her passion for service!

Pool Sommelier