Your holiday fitness package

The made-to-measure training programme

Why not do something really sensible in your holidays and care about yourself for a change? Have you been thinking about working on your fitness and loosing weight? Now is the time to change things.

The first round of jogging will have you smiling to yourself and wondering what took you so long – doesn’t it feel great? We will draw a made-to-measure training programme for you, and are happy to accompany you on your first steps running towards your new, fitter life.

Package available for a stay starting from 10 days:

  • Foot reflexology 2 x
  • Initial medical examination 1 x
  • Medical follow-up consultation 1 x
  • Final medical consultation 1 x
  • Standard lab values 1 x
  • Rest ECG 1 x
  • Spiroergometric performance diagnosis 1 x
  • Personal training (50 min.) 1 x
  • Personal training (25 min.) 2 x
  • Full body massage 2 x

Package price 860
in € per person plus
room cost &

Also available for a stay of:


Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday


Or book by phone: +49 (0)8023-810

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