Health check

See a doctor in your hotel? Why not?

It’s always good to know what your body is up to.

The Tannerhof health check is a compact internal diagnosis programme which will show your status quo in health matters. No stress with medical appointments or sitting around in waiting rooms – it’s all easy and close at hand.

After your personal health check we will give you a handout with made-to-measure advices on medical matters.

Package available for a stay starting from 3 days:

  • Lung function test1 1 x
  • Initial medical examination 1 x
  • Final medical consultation 1 x
  • Final report 1 x
  • Bio-impedance measurement 1 x
  • Standard lab values 1 x
  • Rest / exercion ECG 1 x
  • Ultrasound scan of heart, abdomen and thyroid 1 x
  • Examination of the brain supplying vessels 1 x
  • SOMNOMEDICS Langzeitblutdruckmessung ohne Manschette1 x

Package price 740
in € per person plus
room cost &




Or book by phone: +49 (0)8023-810

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