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Much ado about COVID:

  • A Tannerhof holiday is, unfortunately, only possible if you are NOT currently suffering from a SARS-CoV-2 infection or if you are sure NOT to have been in contact with persons going through an active COVID-19-infection within the last 14 days or if you are NOT for any reason bound to quarantine measures or if you yourself are NOT currently suffering from COVID-19 associated symptoms such as acute, unspecific feelings of illness or fever, loss of scent and taste or respiratory difficulties.
    We have adjusted our cancellation policy (cancellation without charge up to 2 weeks prior to arrival). Nevertheless, we strongly suggest a travel insurance.
  • The check-in at the Tannerhof is currently possible with a valid (up to 48h) negative Covid-19 PCR test or a valid (up to 24h) negative antigene test (available at local testing points). Alternatively, a valid and official confirmation of having gone through a Covid-19 infection within the last 6 months or the valid vaccine confirmation (both shots, no earlier than 14 days after 2nd. shot. If any earlier then plus a negative antigene test, see above).
  • Testing: Once you have checked-in according to the above regulations we must now ask you for regular tests every 72 hours. We will be happy to inform you on current testing possibilities prior to your arrival. You are also welcome to purchase a self-testing kit at the reception or have an antigene test done with an appointment in our therapy office (15€).
  • If you notice a cold creeping up please remain in your room and give notice to our reception team. They will organize an antigene test immediately. We carry out 2 tests within 24h. As soon as both are negative guests are of course free to leave their room again. If they are positive, unfortunately, we must ask you to depart immediately.
  • Our team tests themselves every working day before leaving for the Tannerhof. Should a test be positive they strictly follow the guidelines concerning quarantine, a PCR test etc.

All in all it's about a friendly and mindful interaction of all Tannerhof guests and team. Thank you very much indeed.

Tannerhof Life adjusted:

Our team will be wearing masks inside the Tannerhof buildings unless they work behind glas. They will always interact equally mindfully and warmly with you whilst keeping their distance. We have adapted check-in and check-out prodesses.

When Roaming the Tannerhof:

We kindly ask you to wear your masks everywhere inside the buildings. Please, only two parties in the elevator. Also, try to keep your distance of 1,5 m and above all we would like to remind you of careful hand hygene.


For more privacy we have reduced room service to 3x a week. If you would like daily room service we kindly ask you to mention this at the front desk. The Cabin Towers, Cottages and Baumallee rooms will be cleaned Mon-Wed-Fri. The rooms in the Alte Tann and Neue Tann are scheduled for cleaning on Tue-Thu-Sat. Of course we guarantee our obligatory high cleaning standard whilst additionally desinfecting all important areas. You will also find a small bottle of hand desinfectant in the room for your personal use.

Swimming pool and Fitness Studio:

We only ask you to wear your masks in the changing rooms. Please comply with our rules of 3 max at the same time - either in the water or doing workout. Aqua fitness is possible for 8 max plus trainer if everyone is mindful with their neighbours.


We kindly ask you to book your personal slot of 1h at the Front Desk (either on the full hour or quarter past). This is per party and may be given notice of one day in advance. Two parties may use the 2 sauna cabins given the 15minute time frame for a rolling system. No masks necessary in the sauna but please keep your distance when in the shower room or relaxation area.  Thank you for being considerate with fellow guests.

Massages, Treatments or Doctors' appointments:

We will happily receive you wearing masks and will respect the obligatory distance. We provide an air cleaner in each massage room. Madeleine Jupé and Ute Ungar will be happy to schedule your treatments in the Bathhouse Reception area. Masks may be removed with massages face down. At your first appointment you will be handed a personal sheet for futher appointments.

The weekly Programme:

Since we have reduced the occupancy of the hall (Saal) to 12 max plus trainer we even extended our weekly programme by additional units. We politely remind you that putting your name up in the lists (just outside the hotel reception) is binding. We put out the lists on the previous day at 6 PM. Exercising on a mat or on one spot is fine without wearing a mask. Please use your personal towel from the basket in your room for the mat.


We provide air cleaners in all parts of the restaurant, the Orangerie and the Salon. Moreover, we regularly give air to all rooms. If not fully booked we simply remove some tables in the restaurant and provide more seating possibilities in the Orangerie.
For single travellers we still enable our much loved joint seating up to 5 max.
For our full board guests we replaced the breakfast and lunch buffets with rather charming alternatives. Fasting and low carbing guests will be treated to their usual fully served meals.
Please wear your masks  until you are seated.

It is of utmost concern to us that the Tannerhof remains a very special retreat even or especially in challenging times.

Thus, we are looking forward to welcoming you in your mountain hideaway.

Yours Sincerely, Burgi & Roger & Team