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New Alpine Architecture


In 2007 we made the decision to give the Tannerhof a new orientation which would also find its manifestation in a new architectural appearance. We had found ourselves confronted with the choice of either continuing with the sanatorium as it was for a further 5 to 10 years. That, however, lacked any perspective for the future.

Or to transform the Tannerhof into a hotel, meaning we would have to face enormous constructional and structional modifications, not to mention up-to-date fire precaution as well as a large edificial extension.
Following our love for this exceptional place we opted for the latter.


Composing and designing the Tannerhof is an easy ride even though it doesn’t come across like an ordinary hotel but rather juggles with the architectural history of 4 generations, combines and reconstructs the old with the new and neighbours contemporary towers to charming cottages from 1905. A kitsch Potemkin-style alpine Village was the last we had in mind. Instead

we opted for the unpretentious.

A mutual friend introduced us to Munich based architect FLORIAN NAGLER. We met, we made friends, and we saw our vision correctly interpreted by Florian.

A major part of the briefing was to present an architectural bracket for all the various buildings of differing styles from individual periods without sacrificing their specific character.
The Alte Tann was to become again the

dignified Bavarian farmhouse

it had once been and we aimed for more simplicity by polishing up a then rather old hat version. New structures were needed and also more rooms, which led to the idea of the Hüttentürme (Cabin Towers).


We are quite fond of our 'new' Tannerhof, joined by a growing number of enthusiastic guests. The Tannerhof reconstruction has been described as an award winning project by renowned architect associations and architectural journals.