Alpine Architektur in den bayrischen Bergen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Alpine architecture in Bavaria | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell
Traditional Bavarian farmhouse dressed in new alpine architecture | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell
Orangerie - built by Florian Nagler Architects | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell

New Alpine Architecture

Our decision to give the Tannerhof a new orientation which would also find its manifestation in a newly defined alpine architecture was not made on a whim. In fact, we saw ourselves confronted with the choice of either continuing the sanatorium for a further 5 to 10 years, this, however, lacking any perspective in the future. Or to transform the Tannerhof into a hotel, meaning we would have to face enormous constructional and structional modifications, not to mention up-to-date fire precaution, as well as a large edificial extension. Following our love for this exceptional place, and our conviction that we would be deciding rightly, we opted for the latter. Thus the prime reason for change was an existential one, not so much the ambition to create a new architectural landmark.

Clarity versus Kitsch

Decision made, a mutual friend introduced us to Florian Nagler, an architect from nearby Munich. We met, we made friends, and we saw our vision correctly interpreted by Florian.

Apart from taking care of all the licensing requirements it was our predominant wish to present an architectural bracket for the various buildings of differing styles and periods. At the same time we wanted the buildings to maintain their specific character: the Alte Tann was to be reanimated as the dignified Bavarian farmhouse it had once been when bought by Burgi‘s ancestors in 1904. We looked to more claritiy for all Tannerhof buildings, and to the polishing-up of a then rather outdated version. Moving the kitchen and reception went along with that. And there was need for more rooms eventually leading to the idea of the Chalet Towers with one room on each of the three floors. Thus the idea of the 1905 constructed cottages was to be continued in a contemporary and future-apt version. Our dictum was: no artificial hotel coulisse, no alpine kitsch. Just honest architecture with pure materials which would age gracefully according to their nature.

Having pointed out our goals to Florian, a most trustful collaboration began. A 3-year planning period ended with the realisation of most our ideas. Repeating Tannerhof history, also this major project found great financial support by guests and friends - mainly by selling them profit participation rights. On top, the financial commitment on the part of the Bavarian Government Business Development Office after approving our concept helped enormously in the hazardeous position we were in: seeking private financing while refusing the investor model.

We loved building – a heartful statement!

With such help at hand during the process of approval, we were now able to begin construction on April 1st, 2011. We definitely set off on the right foot: the weather was good, the craftsmen were superb, the construction manager was the best we could have asked for, and we were not to face any non-manageable catastrophies throughout the 9-month building period. Finally, end of December 2011, our Tannerhof headed for its new determination as Nature Hotel & Health Resort.

Along with a growing number of enthusiastic guests we are quite fond of the new Tannerhof. Ever since re-opening renowned architect associations and trade press have repeatedly classified its reconstruction an award winning project. This leaves us extremely happy and thankfull.

The Tannerhof