Sustainability at the Tannerhof


Living eco-friendliness since generations

A sustainable way of life has been a driving force at the Tannerhof for four generations now. Since its very beginning  in 1905 the Tannerhof has been renowned for its eco-friendliness and sustainability. The family’s respect for our beautiful surroundings, wildlife and natural ressources is based on our belief that humans can only be nourished in a holistic sense if nature is intact.

After all those years of embodied green living, in 2006 we finally decided to have the Tannerhof listed as a certified eco hotel. At that time the Austrian Bio Hotels group provided the most trustworthy and reputable eco certification in the hotel business. Sustainable management, supporting local suppliers and environmentally friendly energy and waste management are mandatory for any Bio Hotels member. Improving the carbon footprint is the #1 common goal.

At present the Tannerhof is the only certified Bio Hotels member in the region and devotes itself to sustainability in all areas of hotel life:

Our kitchen team takes a firm stance in sourcing fresh, 100% organic ingredients or MSC certified fish. Our F&B team does so by offering organic wines, beers, coffee, tea or softdrinks – whilst of course choosing possible local suppliers first. Since we strive to also provide high quality local produce from i.e. local breweries few products will not be eco certified but nonetheless show finest quality. We also use homegrown herbs from our greenhouse and enjoy our little farm with some cattle.

In terms of sustainability we serve one daily menu only and provide no à la carte menu.

All guest rooms are equipped with wooden furniture or antiques, natural wooden flooring, linen and cotton materials for beddings, curtains, throws and rugs. We supply guest amenity bathroom dispensers and eco sheet & towels changing strategies.

Our beauticians use 100% organic cosmetics and housekeeping relies on eco-friendly cleaning products. Electricity comes from 100% green energy and heating comes almost in total from our wood chip furnace. Our carbon footprint 2017 counted 7,88 kg/sold night.

Architecture matters in terms of sustainability! The 4 chalet towers were built by stacking 3 rooms one on top of the other in order to avoid sealing too much ground. Needless to say they have been constructed with a high eco standard and are connected to district heating.

We support e-mobility with an electric car charging point and provide an e-bike leasing programme for our employees.

Not only the environmental but also social responsibility drives us. As a member of Werteproduzenten (‚producers of value‘) we are part of a group who support regional value creation and local interests.
Also, we are promoters of equal treatment, fair wages, timekeeping and overtime credit. We provide nutritional and enjoyable dining options for team members, jobs for migrants and a trainee and students programme.

We aim at being the place that employees are happy to work at and guests will love to come back to.

Alpine Architektur in den bayrischen Bergen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Alpine architecture in Bavaria | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell
Traditional Bavarian farmhouse dressed in new alpine architecture | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell
Orangerie - built by Florian Nagler Architects | Tannerhof Naturhotel and Health Resort in Bayrischzell

New Alpine Architecture

Our decision to give the Tannerhof a new orientation which would also find its manifestation in a newly defined alpine architecture was not made on a whim. In fact, we saw ourselves confronted with the choice of either continuing the sanatorium for a further 5 to 10 years, this, however, lacking any perspective in the future. Or to transform the Tannerhof into a hotel, meaning we would have to face enormous constructional and structional modifications, not to mention up-to-date fire precaution, as well as a large edificial extension. Following our love for this exceptional place, and our conviction that we would be deciding rightly, we opted for the latter. Thus the prime reason for change was an existential one, not so much the ambition to create a new architectural landmark.

Clarity versus Kitsch

Decision made, a mutual friend introduced us to Florian Nagler, an architect from nearby Munich. We met, we made friends, and we saw our vision correctly interpreted by Florian.

Apart from taking care of all the licensing requirements it was our predominant wish to present an architectural bracket for the various buildings of differing styles and periods. At the same time we wanted the buildings to maintain their specific character: the Alte Tann was to be reanimated as the dignified Bavarian farmhouse it had once been when bought by Burgi‘s ancestors in 1904. We looked to more claritiy for all Tannerhof buildings, and to the polishing-up of a then rather outdated version. Moving the kitchen and reception went along with that. And there was need for more rooms eventually leading to the idea of the Chalet Towers with one room on each of the three floors. Thus the idea of the 1905 constructed cottages was to be continued in a contemporary and future-apt version. Our dictum was: no artificial hotel coulisse, no alpine kitsch. Just honest architecture with pure materials which would age gracefully according to their nature.

Having pointed out our goals to Florian, a most trustful collaboration began. A 3-year planning period ended with the realisation of most our ideas. Repeating Tannerhof history, also this major project found great financial support by guests and friends - mainly by selling them profit participation rights. On top, the financial commitment on the part of the Bavarian Government Business Development Office after approving our concept helped enormously in the hazardeous position we were in: seeking private financing while refusing the investor model.

We loved building – a heartful statement!

With such help at hand during the process of approval, we were now able to begin construction on April 1st, 2011. We definitely set off on the right foot: the weather was good, the craftsmen were superb, the construction manager was the best we could have asked for, and we were not to face any non-manageable catastrophies throughout the 9-month building period. Finally, end of December 2011, our Tannerhof headed for its new determination as Nature Hotel & Health Resort.

Along with a growing number of enthusiastic guests we are quite fond of the new Tannerhof. Ever since re-opening renowned architect associations and trade press have repeatedly classified its reconstruction an award winning project. This leaves us extremely happy and thankfull.

The Tannerhof


Organic Cuisine
Beste Bio Küche im Biohotel und Naturhotel Tannerhof
Delicious organic food at the Tannerhof
The kitchen team with chef Nico Sator | Tannerhof
Herbs from the hotel garden for our organic cooking | Tannerhof
Passionate cooks with love for organic food | Tannerhof

The Tannerhof cuisine

Indulging in organic food

Long before the hype over organic and slow food spread across restaurants and supermarkets the Tannerhof has been cooking with finest regional and organic products. Our credo is to use only best quality products, and to give our guests great pleasure by serving menues both pure and sophisticated whilst respecting natural resources.

The culinary day at the Tannerhof – 100% organic

Rise and Shine! A great breakfast is the perfect start to a great day. Homemade special muesli, savoury dips, loads of fresh fruit, vegetable & avocado, several joghurts & quark, a broad selection of cheeses or finest ham. We cook a delicious rice porridge and of course various egg dishes. The choice of fresh breads is dizzying, topped by our famous home recipe „Tannerhof Loaf“. All this will be accompanied by delicious coffee from regional DINZLER roasters or a large variety of teas.

A light lunch with a salad buffet, potatoes and soup of the day will keep you going until the evening.

Dinner will be a set four course menu. That is the Tannerhof twist to things: in terms of sustainablity we serve one main course only while alternating vegetarian, meat, and fish dishes. However, the Fridays and Saturdays we celebrate especially. An international cuisine buffet on Fridays, and a fancy 5 course menu on Saturdays will leave nothing to be desired.

Please inform us in time on allergies or food intolerances. We serve alternative dishes for vegetarians.

Meet nice people

Tannerhof tradition has it that we enjoy mixed seating at small tables. We have often seen guests who met as strangers wave goodbye to newly made friends. If, however, you have been looking forward to a romantic tête à tête or heavy chatting with your best friend, we will try our best in finding you a table for two.

Low carb
Schlanke Tanne
7 days


The Washhouse Conference Room
Der Seminarraum im Waschhaus | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der Seminarraum im Waschhaus | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Grundriss des Seminarraums im Waschhaus | Tagen im Naturhotel Tannerhof
Blick durchs Fenster Tagungsraum Naturhotel Tannerhof

Tannerhof Conference Venue

wash and seed in The old Laundry House

The word seminar has its roots in the latin seminare (seed) or seminarium (tree nursery). Our charming washhouse (once barn and service building) with its even more charming little seminar room will have your heart leaping. It is a power place for your conference providing every gadget you might be needing for your creative brainwork.

We wish you happy seeding and harvesting!

The hard facts:

  • For up to 16 persons
  • Room measurment roughly 45 m2
  • Beamer, Bose sound system, Radio/TV, presentation surfaces, flipchart, facilitator’s toolcase
  • Mats and woollen blankets
  • Bulthaup kitchen workbench
  • Bosch refrigerator with plenty of soft drinks
  • Coffee machine
  • Woodburner
  • Cloakroom, restroom, storage
  • Undisturbed working in unique atmosphere

The Hall

For larger groups or those who need more space.

The hard facts:

  • For 15-20 persons
  • Room measurement roughly 100m2
  • For 1 to 2 days only, except weekends
  • Beamer, Bose sound system, Radio/TV, presentation surfaces, flipchart, facilitator’s toolcase
  • Mats and woollen blankets
  • Bechstein grand piano
  • Patio

Costs including conference beverages and catering depend on room and number of persons. Please contact Andrea Jupé or Heidi Eck for further information.

Relax and
slow down
10 days

Die Gründerfamilie des Tannerhofes Christian und Barbara v. Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Die 2. Familiengeneration am Tannerhof Johannes und Ursula von Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Die 3. Familiengeneration am Tannerhof Malte und Andrea v. Mengershausen | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Drei Familiengenerationen von Mengershausen auf einem Bild | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der ganz historische Tannerhof | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Gymnastik in der Melkstatt bayrischzell ca. 1937 | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Gymnastik in den 50er Jahren am Tannerhof | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Wie am Zauberberg....| Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der neubau des badehauses in den 60er Jahren | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort
Der neubau des badehauses in den 60er Jahren | Tannerhof Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort

History of the Tannerhof

The Tannerhof was founded in 1904 by Christian von Mengershausen and his wife Barbara after they had bought the beautiful rural property dating back to the 16th century. The closeby mountain village of Bayrischzell at that time still lay in a deep slumber. Christian was convinced that this remote part of the world would be the ideal place to start off on his project of establishing a sanatorium for physical and dietary therapy, and putting into practice the popular back-to-nature movement.
Very soon he built the 'Neue Tann' neighbouring the old farmhouse 'Alte Tann'. Before long the cottages followed, loosely spread across the mountainside making it possible to live in close touch with nature, the changes of season, light, air, and weathers.
As soon as 1905 the Tannerhof opened its doors to guests for the very first time.

So far four generations have remained true to the founders approach of a healthy way of life though each generation has introduced new aspects and new buildings to the Tannerhof. The holistic, ecological and organic idea behind it all was lived by conviction trough all generations long before it became state of the art in our days.

A footprint by each generation

After World War II Johannes and Ursel von Mengershausen built an annex to the Alte Tann under high monetary risk. These new quarters were also financed by Tannerhof guests. This generation also constructed the Bathhouse in the sixties, and introduced autogenic training to everyday Tannerhof life which is still part of our weekly programme today. Johannes‘ three pillars of a healthy life were exercise, relaxation and above all healthy food – actually, I still remember a lesson of his on nutrition in primary school…

The third generation of doctors, Malte and Andrea von Mengershausen, focussed on more comfort. The shared baths were disused and the small rooms were 'upvalued' by tiny ensuite bathrooms – some of these sweet rooms still exist and are loved for their special charme in being compact, functional and cosy. An indoor pool was built as well as the Baumallee rooms above it.
Holistic medicine and psychological aspects such as conversational therapy were added to the range of Tannerhof treatments. Also the cuisine became more and more sophisticated.

In 2011, after 105 years of sanatorium history huge tasks lay ahead of us, the fourth generation. A far-reaching content-related and constructional re-orientation had become necessary when my husband Roger Brandes and I rose to the challenge of fundraising for this demanding project. Luckily, as once before in the Tannerhof history, guests and friends helped in financing the 'new' Tannerhof, but also the Bavarian Government subsidized the project. Without these two pillars turning the pages towards a new Tannerhof chapter would not have been possible. Lucky again, we found the perfect architect for our enterprise in Florian Nagler who enthusiastically planned the reconstruction with us for over three years.

In only 9 months the Tannerhof transformed itself from a sanatorium into a Nature Hotel and Health Resort.


The Organic Restaurant

The organic and slow food restaurant

Zum Glück gezwungen... 'genießen, was auf den Tisch kommt!'

Das gibt's

Ein Menü. No choice. Wahlweise 4 bis 6 Gänge, welche sich abwechseln in Komplexität und deren Gegenteil: Transparenz. Dies ist vielleicht die schwierigste, aber auch exakteste Beschreibung der Kochphilosophie unseres Teams um Nico Sator.
Auf dem Teller und am Gaumen soll die Erfüllung hohen Anspruchs spürbar werden – bei gleichzeitigem Verzicht auf Überflüssigkeiten.

Wir schenken Euch dazu passende Weine und Biere ein. Regional und/oder Bio. Von uns ausgesucht, weil uns die Weine schmecken oder die Geschichte gefällt oder die Winzerpersönlichkeiten uns taugen.

Die Rohstoffe

Zertifiziert bio. Regional, saisonal und mit Respekt für Tiere und Ressourcen.
Der Tannerhof unterstützt Slow Food®.

Das Geschirr & die Möbel

Handgefertigtes Geschirr von Helene Andres aus Festenbach bei Gmund am Tegernsee und Klassiker von Tapio Wirkkala – weil es das Auge freut.

Tische und Stühle: designt und geschmiedet von Michi von Mücke (RUMMS), kommen aus Oberammergau und heißen Trinkmöbel. Weil sie vom (Rotwein-)Trinken Spuren bekommen werden. Sie sind aus einem Ahornstamm, der Zeit bekommen hat zu lagern und dann mit Handarbeit und Hingabe zu puren Tischplatten wurde – weil es die Seele freut.

Das muss man wissen

12 Plätze hält POOL bereit.
Montags & donnerstags isst man schwerpunktmäßig vegetarisch, Fisch dominiert dienstags & freitags und mittwochs glücklich gelebtes Fleisch.
Wahlweise 4 bis 6 Gänge – das sagen Sie uns am Besten schon beim Reservieren, worum wir unbedingt bitten:
Telefon 08023-810 oder
Preis pro Menü: je nachdem 45 bis 85 Euro.


Montag bis Freitag | 18.30 bis 23.00 Uhr | Spätester Menü-Beginn 20.00 Uhr

Diät und gesund Abnehmen

Diät und gesund Abnehmen

For all those wishing to loose weight for good we have the Schlanke Tanne dietary programme. This is an intelligent nutrition programme which you will be happy to experience at the Tannerhof. Yes, it is a diet – after all you will be loosing weight. However, you will not have this „diet feeling“, because you will be having delicious meals leaving you happy and full – take this knowledge home with you later.

The Schlanke Tanne principle

Reducing carbohydrates – sugar and starch – is the basis to this special diet. Additionally we ensure that the carbohydrates taken in have a lower glycemic index herewith avoiding an overly strong insulin release which again favours fat storage, and triggers appetite more quickly. Low carb nutrition keeps you satiated and happy for a longer while.

The higher share of high grade proteins also makes saturation last longer and stimulates fat burning. On top, the higher protein level prevents the body from catabolising muscles. The muscular system is a motor which under no circumstances should be throttled.

This diet provides plenty of vegetable, fruit and herbs. With their secundary plant substances they show a lower energy density. Thus you can never eat too much of these super supporters of the immune system.

The Schlanke Tanne diet consists of several levels differing in their carbohydrates and fat shares. Be it the fatburning ‚Schlanke Tanne I‘ which even omits fruit sugar or the intelligent ‚Schlanke Tanne II‘ with all that provides a happy culinary life. A long lasting change to intelligent nutrition can only last as long as there is more gain through joy in eating than renunciation of what you love eating. The Schlanke Tanne diet is thus not a diet meaning quick weight loss but a diet consisting of a sensible and durable change in nutrition.

We recommend medical accompaniment whilst dieting with the Schlanke Tanne, just to ensure your nutrition adjustment goes smoothly. Burgi v. Mengershausen is a nutrition consultant informing on healthy eating at home in regular lectures. You are welcome to book a personal consultation in which she will work out a dietary plan for your home cooking which will help you shed bad habits for good.

Bio Gerichte für Gourmets genießen

Die Köche

Chef Nico Sator

Nico Sator from neighbouring Schliersee is our chef since 2013. Before leading our young and highly motivated kitchen team at the Tannerhof he worked at Egerner Höfe in Rottach, at Schubecks in Munich, and at the Alpenhof in Bayrischzell.

Sophisticated but straightforward organic cuisine is what he loves. But also the Tannerhof classics matter to him: the low carb diet Schlanke Tanne and the Buchinger fasting cures are cooked on equally high standards. Love and devotion to high quality products is always part of the job.

Das besondere Naturhotel Bayern

Die Tannerhof Chronik

In Buchform. Die Geschichte des Tannerhofs, seiner Menschen und seiner Idee.
Nele von Mengershausen, Künstlerin, Kunsttherapeutin, 3. Familiengeneration am Tannerhof, seit vielen Jahren den Tannerhof mitgestaltend, wühlte sich in den letzten beiden Jahren durch Archive, las stapelweise alte Briefe, sprach mit allen am Tannerhof lebenden Familienmitgliedern, befragte frühere Mitarbeiter, Gäste und recherchierte intensiv zum Thema Lebensreform – die Idee, die zur Gründung des Tannerhofs führte. Ihre künstlerische Neigung fand ihren Niederschlag in den vergangenen zwei Jahren  nicht in weiteren Bildern, sondern führte direkt in die Chronik– nun freuen wir uns über das fertige Werk.

Ein wunderschön gestaltetes Buch mit vielen historischen Bildern. Nele beschreibt das Wirken jeder der vier Familiengenerationen, blickt auch auf das historische Umfeld und setzt sich wohlwollend, aber auch kritisch mit ihren jeweiligen Herausforderungen auseinander. Der Bogen bis zum neuen Tannerhof - nach seinem großen Umbau nun Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort - wird gespannt. Die dazu führenden Umstände werden erläutert und naturgemäß entstehende Konflikte unter den Familiengenerationen analysiert, aber nicht bewertet oder verurteilt. Letztlich wird klar, dass der Tannerhof ein besonderer Ort ist. Ein Kleinod, geprägt von den Menschen, die dort seit 110 Jahren leben und arbeiten. Aber eigentlich ist es andersherum - der Ort prägt all diejenigen, die dort ihre Zeit verbringen.

Die Chronik gibt es am Tannerhof in Hofladen und Rezeption, kann aber auch HIER per email bestellt werden, oder telefonisch über ++49 (0)8023 810. Preis 49 Euro plus Versandkosten; 204 Seiten; Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-00-042263-8.