Living eco-friendliness since generations

A sustainable way of life has been a driving force at the Tannerhof for four generations now. Since its very beginning  in 1905 the Tannerhof has been renowned for its eco-friendliness and sustainability. The family’s respect for our beautiful surroundings, wildlife and natural ressources is based on our belief that humans can only be nourished in a holistic sense if nature is intact.

After all those years of embodied green living, in 2006 we finally decided to have the Tannerhof listed as a certified eco hotel. At that time the Austrian Bio Hotels group provided the most trustworthy and reputable eco certification in the hotel business. Sustainable management, supporting local suppliers and environmentally friendly energy and waste management are mandatory for any Bio Hotels member. Improving the carbon footprint is the #1 common goal.

At present the Tannerhof is the only certified Bio Hotels member in the region and devotes itself to sustainability in all areas of hotel life:

Our kitchen team takes a firm stance in sourcing fresh, 100% organic ingredients or MSC certified fish. Our F&B team does so by offering organic wines, beers, coffee, tea or softdrinks – whilst of course choosing possible local suppliers first. Since we strive to also provide high quality local produce from i.e. local breweries few products will not be eco certified but nonetheless show finest quality. We also use homegrown herbs from our greenhouse and enjoy our little farm with some cattle.

In terms of sustainability we serve one daily menu only and provide no à la carte menu.

All guest rooms are equipped with wooden furniture or antiques, natural wooden flooring, linen and cotton materials for beddings, curtains, throws and rugs. We supply guest amenity bathroom dispensers and eco sheet & towels changing strategies.

Our beauticians use 100% organic cosmetics and housekeeping relies on eco-friendly cleaning products. Electricity comes from 100% green energy and heating comes almost in total from our wood chip furnace. Our carbon footprint 2017 counted 7,88 kg/sold night.

Architecture matters in terms of sustainability! The 4 chalet towers were built by stacking 3 rooms one on top of the other in order to avoid sealing too much ground. Needless to say they have been constructed with a high eco standard and are connected to district heating.

We support e-mobility with an electric car charging point and provide an e-bike leasing programme for our employees.

Not only the environmental but also social responsibility drives us. As a member of Werteproduzenten (‚producers of value‘) we are part of a group who support regional value creation and local interests.
Also, we are promoters of equal treatment, fair wages, timekeeping and overtime credit. We provide nutritional and enjoyable dining options for team members, jobs for migrants and a trainee and students programme.

We aim at being the place that employees are happy to work at and guests will love to come back to.