Nordic Active Arrangement

4 lessons in cross country skiing for beginners and advanced skiers

Take advantage of our pros in Bayrischzell. The Nordic Active School will train you over 4 hours on two days, be it classic or skating style. You will find the perfectly fitting equipment in the Salomon Sports Shop nextdoor to the school (i.e. shoes, skis, and sticks for 22€/1 day and 35€/2 days).
After all the excercising you will be treated to a relaxing massage at the Tannerhof, and might want to add a round in the sauna.

Goals: Getting to know nordic cruising, classic cross country skiing and skating, effortless movements, simple skiing techniques, basic knowledge in gliding, from cruising to classic, and secure downhilling in the ski trail.

Package available for a stay starting from 2 days:

  • 2 Stunden Einzelunterricht für eine Person2 x
  • 2 private lessons for 1 person 2 x

Package price 272
in € per person plus
room cost &

Also available for a stay of:




Or book by phone: +49 (0)8023-810

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