Cross country skiing – simply fascinating

The beginner’s luck: 2 lessons + massage

Get the taste of it with our pros from the Nordic Active School in Bayrischzell. For all of you who would like to get the hang of it with some help. Try out what suits you best: classic or skating. You will find the perfectly fitting equipment in the Salomon Sports Shop nextdoor to the school (i.e. shoes, skis, and sticks for 22€/1 day and 35€/2 days).

Goals: Secure halting, braking and steering. Easily moving uphill and downhill, moving forward on level ground. Getting to know the equipment – last not least experiencing the beauties of nature and snow on skies.

After all the excercise your muscles will be happy to be treated to a relaxing massage at the Tannerhof, and you might want to add a round in the sauna with its soothing heat.

Package available for a stay starting from 2 days:

  • 2 Stunden Einzelunterricht für eine Person x
  • 2 private lessons for 1 person x

Package price 136
in € per person plus
room cost &

Also available for a stay of:




Or book by phone: +49 (0)8023-810


2x2 Std. Einzelkurs