Der Tannerhof in Bayrischzell, das besondere Naturhotel in Bayern

und gefunden....

Der Tannerhof in Bayrischzell, das besondere Naturhotel in Bayern

Searched for it
and found it...

Ankommen und Heimkommen im Naturhotel Tannerhof Bayrischzell
Das Naturhotel Tannerhof am Fuße des Traithens in Bayrischzell

.... my hideaway

Alte und neue Architektur in der Alten Tann am Tannerhof in Bayrischzell

The proud main building
'Alte Tann'

Home is where your heart is

Wohnen im Turm - im besonderen Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort Tannerhof

Rooms with views

Entworfen von Nagler Architekten aus München - die Hüttentürme im Naturhotel Tannerhof in Bayrischzell,

Architectural gems
all around

Fasten im Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort Tannerhof in Bayern


Massage im Naturhotel und Gesundheitsresort Tannerhof in Bayern


organic cuisine

Organic Cuisine

The Tannerhof


Fasting Cures


All we need
is YOU!

Culture & Concerts


7 days

A special place

Nature is the best hotel

This very special place is to be found not far from Munich in one of the most enchanting parts of Bavaria. Hidden away in the landscape below the Wendelstein, you might be surprised to find the Tannerhof spread out like a village of its own across the mountain slopes above Bayrischzell. Surrounded by mountains, woods and meadows, with a little stream trickling through it the Tannerhof also makes an idyllic habitat for our Runner Ducks, Highland cattle, Icelandic horses and sheep.

This is your place to be for a short timeout, for outdoor activities, for peaceful moments in nature, for relishing fine organic food, for hiding away from everything that is bothering you. And for meeting wonderful new people.

The not-so-Zeitgeist of the Tannerhof is something we cherish, and cultivate. There are no TVs – but a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape instead. You will find high quality treatments for body and soul instead of superficial wellness fuss.

From Fasting to the well-balanced burnout programme

The Tannerhof is different in every aspect. You will surely find a matching programme for any of your very personal needs. Be it a fasting cure for an intensive holistic experience or the package helping to convert a burnout into new power. There is the fitness check to get you going again or the professional guidance in a diet change. Kneipp casts or aqua fitness, Pilates, Yoga, gymnastics or guided hiking tours – whatever sounds pleasing to you, we and our wonderful therapists will be happy to be at your side.

A warm welcome!

Burgi von Mengershausen & Roger Brandes