Our idea of it all…

To call it by its name: the Tannerhof is complicated
and confusing as it cruises along hotel,
health, organic gourmet cuisine, diet, art and nature.
We don’t necessarily make things easy to pinpoint
for our guestsbut neither for ourselves,
let alone those tourism experts, hotel classifiers,
booking portals or holiday platforms.

Because what the Tannerhof came to be over the decades
is offbeat, its history is almost lyrical.
Today, this place is ambiguous, artistic and endearing.
It is holiday, health, fasting. It is 5-course gourmet menues,
rooms with 9(!) to 36m², Chalet Towers and Cottages.
It is the onstage highclass culture programme
and the offstage savoir vivre.


On holiday to the doctor

Why should you take care of your health on holiday? Even go to the doctor? Maybe because there is too little time for it in everyday life ... And here you have the time. Time for a relaxed health check. With relaxed
doctors. In a relaxed atmosphere..

What began in 1904 with the physician and naturopath Christian von Mengershausen on Tannerhof is now being continued by the fourth generation of doctors: the married couple Burgi von Mengershausen (specialist in general medicine, additional qualification in naturopathy and nutritional medicine) and Roger Brandes (specialist in internal medicine). Tannerhof thus offers the wealth of experience of four generations in integrative medicine and naturopathy - health without dogma. 

Can I do that?

Fasting as a "conscious renunciation" is an enriching life experience and much more than just a good introduction to a change of diet. Here you can find a lot of information about fasting - the ideal way of naturopathy ...

For all those who do not want to fast, but still want to lose weight healthily and be permanently lighter, there is the "Slim Fir". It is an intelligent lowcarb (low carbohydrate and higher protein) diet that you can enjoy at Tannerhof. Especially after fasting, the lowcarb Slender Fir can also be a good way to change your diet.


Whatever is put on the table is eaten.

We live sustainably and therefore keep it French: 1 Menu du jour. And it's got everything: love, freshness, devotion. Organic. And time! We cook for you à la minute. Slowfood. On a high level but without Chi Chi.

No convenience, no microwave, no regeneration. We are looking forward to welcoming and surprising you! Of course we offer vegetarian alternatives on request and are happy to take into account real intolerances and allergies.

Stimulators and exciters

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Just eat and enjoy.

One menu. No choice. Choice of 4 to 6 courses, alternating in complexity and its opposite: transparency. This is perhaps the most difficult, but also the most precise description of the cooking philosophy of our team around Nico Sator.

On the plate and on the palate, the fulfilment of high standards should be noticeable - while at the same time dispensing with superfluous ingredients. We will pour you matching wines and beers. Regional and/or organic. Selected by us because we like the wines, the history or the winemakers' personalities.