We started POOL for local (or not-so-local) gourmets happily complying with their continuous demands to also open the Tannerhof cuisine to non-resident foodies. The gourmets' delight is essentially ONE SET MENU. What makes it so pleasing is our cooks' devotion, the love for organic and/or local products, the taste for a twist, and time. Guests may choose to add one or two further courses to the hotel's set 'menu du jour'. POOL restaurant – beautifully situated at the far end of the Orangerie, right next to our indoor pool (yes, that's why the name) – seats 12.

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Can't get enough of these delightful tastes and textures? Then add one or two intermediate courses to the Tannerhof 4-course 'menu du jour'! Savour the alternation between complexity and its opposite: transparency. Eyes and taste buds enjoy high culinary standards whilst probably marvelling at perfect simplicity..

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We will be happy to recommend matching wines and beers which will be organic and/or regional, chosen by us just because we are convinced by the taste, quality, a background story or the producers' personality.

That's for dinner:

Pool guests can add two more courses to the Tannerhof Menu du Jour of four courses on Thursday and Saturday. You decide whether vegetarian or with fish/meat.

On Friday there will be 5 course slow food enjoyment for everyone.

Thursday: vegetarian Friday: alternately every 2nd week vegetarian or with fish and meat course Saturday: alternating with Friday every 2nd week with fish or vegetarian.

Enjoy and eat healthy for the planet - what a joy!

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If you would like to make a reservation we will ask you how many you are and how many courses (4, 5 or 6) you would like to book. Also, please inform us whether there are any vegetarians or pescetarians amongst you, or whether we need to know about any allergies or intorlerances. 

Sorry, no vegan food at all.