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Sleeping in the mountains

From the modest chamber to the prideful cabin tower. Places of both character and warmth. Rooms with views instead of TVs. Minimum WiFi.

Almzimmer - beautiful rooms at the Tannerhof

Almzimmer [Alm = Alpine pasture]

from €135
Rooms named after trees for a good nights sleep in natural atmosphere

Baumallee [Baumallee = line of trees]

from €150
Four Cabin Towers, spread across the hillside. Three rooms stacked on top of each other. Wooden flooring and larch shingles. Panorama windows. Views onto our favourite mountains. Tradition meets Zeitgeist.

Hüttenturm [Hütte=cabin, Turm=tower]

from €145
The Spitzingseee Kammerl at the Nature Hotel and Health Resort Tannerhof in the Bavarian Alps

Kammerl [Kammerl = chamber]

from €135
The Auerhahnhütte cabin provides two neighbouring rooms, each with an own entrance, queen size bed and small wood burner.

Lufthütte [Luft=air|airy | Hütte=cabin]

from €130
Tannerhofzimmer in the turn of the Century building Neue Tann at Tannerhof

Tannerhof Rooms [aren’t they all? Yes]

from €135