More than just a job

We love working with and for other people. Our sensitiveness for any kind of needs will always create an atmosphere of fondness and relaxed authenticity. We are quite good at making our guests feel perfectly at home - even before they arrive. The manner in which we respond to requests prior to their holiday makes guests feel welcome right from the start.
The Tannerhof staff identify perfectly with their hotel and understand themselves as part of the team. It is definitely not only a job we are doing - it is a deeply fulfilling work in a close atmosphere. It combines health and guest orientedness, personal initiative, responsibility and enthusiasm.

If you would like to join us and are firm in German give us some information about you on jobs@tannerhof.de (you wouldn't have guessed we don't immediately need the whole bundle of reports or certificates - what is special about you means more to us).


Andrea Jupé
Naturhotel & Gesundheitsresort
Tannerhofstr. 32
83735 Bayrischzell


+49 (0)8023 81-0

Masseur/med. Bademeister/Personal Trainer m/w

Vollzeit oder Teilzeit; ab 1. Januar 2021

Stellvertretende Hausdame

Teilzeit; ab Januar 2021

Organic Cuisine


Ab Januar 2021

Minijob für Spätdienst

Ab Januar 2021

Chef de Partie w/m

Ab Januar 2021


Vielleicht nicht jetzt, aber später passt es...