Relax and slow down

Unwind and gain new energy

It’s about time you treated yourself to a holiday just by yourself. Time to relax.

Just forget about it all for a while. Let go of your mental stress, and take a plunge into a new sense of lightness. Easier said than done? Nope. You might be surprised at how easy it is made on you at the Tannerhof. Try our package and you will see. A newborn you will be travelling home again.

Package available for a stay starting from 7 days:

  • Back massage 1 x
  • Initial medical examination 1 x
  • Final medical consultation 1 x
  • Aroma body wrap1 x
  • Trager treatment 1 x
  • Respiration therapy 1 x

Package price 430
in € per person plus
room cost &

Also available for a stay of:


Sunday-Tuesday, Thursday


Or book by phone: +49 (0)8023-810


Low carb
Schlanke Tanne
7 days